Erik Spector & Corey Law – Well Raised


Well Raised – Erik Spector & Corey Law

I love spending the weekends alone with my stepson, Corey, while his mom is at work. But a long day at work destroyed my shoulder and now I need a massage. Lucky for me, Corey is always willing to do what makes Dad feel good. So when he asked if I wanted a massage, I sat on the couch, took off my shirt and let his hands move over me. But then my dick started to get hard, so I took off my pants and let his hands explore from the tip of my dick to my balls before Corey dropped to his knees and took it into his mouth. It’s been a while, but he remembered how daddy likes it. Then I took his flesh in my mouth before Corey sat on my cock. I fucked that boy until he flooded the couch with his load and took mine in his face.

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