Eric Lenn and Jamie Kelvin


Leave The Clothes – Eric Lenn, Jamie Kelvin

I love my stepson, Jamie, but he loves to try my last nerve. He thought it would be nice to go out in his tight shirt and little pink shorts. He knows it’s just for me, and no one else. I had to put him over my knee and spank his ass. I only stopped because he asked nicely, but that doesn’t mean the punishment is over. Feeling her hot ass in my hand made my dick hard. I took off my shorts and made him suck. He knew exactly what to make of it. His mouth felt like silk on my cock. I took his clothes off and swallowed my boy’s thick flesh. I forgot how sweet he tasted. So I picked him up on all fours, spit on my hand and shoved his beautiful hole. His groans let me know how much he appreciated being disciplined. Maybe that’s the reason he wore these clothes in the first place. I fucked his ass until we both shot our loads and I told him to show up, but leave the clothes.

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