Elio Pjatteryd & Tony Keit – Boys In The Storm


Boys In The Storm – Elio Pjatteryd & Tony Keit

Elio Pjatteryd, a bright boy with a shaggy hairstyle, and Tony Keit, his equally hot friend, are playing badminton in the misty morning. But when a storm threatens to hit, they decide to seek shelter for some BoyFun. After a quick kiss, young Tony drops to his knees and tries to taste his blond friend’s big uncut cocks. While some outdoor oral pleasure is great fun, these two lovers will need a dry, warm place to continue their play.

So we joined them in their home and stripped them of their clothes. Then we eat the delicious sticks that come out of their legs.

Elio jumps in as soon as Tony’s hairless hole is ready. Elio’s tongue is at work, licking the hole and preparing Tony for his bare back to slide inside. Elio takes full control, pumping long flesh in and out of his friend’s perfect pucker. The two finally ended the game, but not for long.

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