Dylan fucks Adriano


Adriano made a good impression on his first CF appearance where he fucked 2 loads of Roman! You know you’re saying something when a vet like Roman – which is usually what makes other guys dazzled by his bedroom skills – is totally won over by a new guy, overwhelmed by his sexual abilities and unable to help but take off 2 huge loads because of the incredible beating they are giving him!

Will Dylan be equally impressed by the end of this session? There’s only one way to find out! OK… two ways to find out. You can watch this episode now and see how Dylan reacts to being punched by Adriano or you can (spoiler alert!)

Dylan spends this episode loving every bit of having Adriano’s big dick in and out of his hole. Dylan barely touches his own cock during the entire session, but it’s almost always hard as a board. Adriano fucks Dylan relentlessly – Adriano’s stamina is really impressive! And at the end of the action? Both are so involved that Adriano comes inside Dylan – a fitting creation.


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