DRO, Eddy Blanco and Juven – His First Time! – DL Homie


His First Time! – DL Homie – DRO, Eddy Blanco, Juven

The homie “Dro” saw Juven and Eddy Blanco in the San Diego Pride. Dro stopped them and said he loves the videos! Juven and Eddy Blanco thanked him, Juven asked him if he wanted to have sex now?! Dro said he fell! DRO is a SEXY MALE guy with DEEP PIERCING BLUE EYES and a big smile! Eddy Blanco took the camera as they walked to their car and drove to a quiet spot. Once they parked, DRO put those soft lips and warm throat on his chorizo, guess where Juven broke his 5 day load? Enjoy ?

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