Drew Dixon and Joel Someone


Drew Dixon and Joel Someone

Joel has been trying to get a piece of Drew for years, and now he has it in his apartment. They run out the door and start making out before taking off their shirts. Drew is cock hungry and drops to his knees as soon as he pulls Joel’s hard cock out of his pants. He licks and sucks and swallows Joel’s flesh until it’s his turn to feel a warm mouth on his tool and then his ass. Joel eats Drew’s hole, preparing him to fuck. He then plays with his cock before thrusting it deep into Drew’s ass. Joel fucks Drew the way he likes, getting his ass kicked as he’s bent over the couch. Drew then puts his legs behind his back as Joel Stack opens his hole. He continues to give Joel a good fuck as he gets to his knees, and Joel presses deeper into him before the two fire their charges.

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