Dilan Jager & Dominick Vega – Dilan Breeds Dominick


South of the border, Latin stallions Dilan Jager and Dominick Vega meet to mate, both hungry for cock and cum. Big uncut cocks pressed together and lips locked in a deep kiss, they are eager to get the raw fuck action into high gear. Dilan kneels between Dominick’s muscular thighs, licking and sucking his massive tool. He grabs the top tattooed across the chest and pulls his face down over the thick brown flesh.

Once Dilan crouched down on the couch, his big, hard bottom thrusting back into Dominick’s face, plowing time is getting close. Dominick sticks a thirsty tongue into Dilan’s quivering hole, wets it, and opens it to fuck. Dilan starts pounding his cock just as Dom presses in raw and deep. He moans passionately, hungry for every inch. He climbs up and jumps on his friend’s hard cock. Dominick starts pushing fast, ready to explode at any moment. Dilan lies down with his hands clasped behind his head, reveling in each stroke. Dominick slaps Dilan’s gaping mouth, spreading a creamy wad across his succulent tongue.

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