Des Ires, Vincent OReilly – Thank You Master


Des Ires has hired Vincent O’Reilly for the day he wants. He brings Vincent to his secret dungeon, where all his ropes and gadgets await a new submissive. Vincent gets naked and Des makes him wear some tight black latex. Des ties Vincent’s arms above his head. With a tarp and rope, Des lifts him just enough to stand on his toes. Des unzips Vincent’s latex, releasing his big hard cock. Des takes a sniff and then sucks him in as much as he can. Unveiled Vincent and slapped him with a leather oar until his skin turned red and he begged for mercy. In the next scene, Vincent is strapped face down to an easel with a gag in his mouth. Des is behind him and beats Vincent on the ass with a leather whip and then fucks him with his giant cock. Des flips Vincent over and spreads his legs, sinking his meaty cock into Vincent’s tight ass and fucks him hard and without a condom.

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  • Alex rouge 2 years ago

    Soo hot, thank for upload, keep upload des ires please..