Dave Andrew, Vincent Landi & Derek Nagy – Brotherhood of Games II – Part Four – The Maestre Says


In this new episode of “Brotherhood of Games”, Vincent and Dave are very relaxed in their study clothes, on the couch, reading their books and notes. Suddenly a phone rings, the strange thing is that it’s a phone that none of us know about. It’s in a box. They pick up their cell phone and answer it, it’s a video call from El Maestre asking them to recruit a new member to their sorority, Derek, through a sex game with leather handcuffs.

.. Hmm, in the box everything is ready to play. And Derek arrives, with the backpack, thinking he’s going to study, but they quickly leave him in his boxers, in his boxers, massage his ass and the bulge until they put the leather cuffs with his arms behind him. Vincent and Dave pull their cocks for the tied boy to taste. The new member smells them, licks them and puts them in his mouth.

.. The penises get hard in a very tempting way, naturally. Vincent takes pictures of him with his cell phone to send to his Master while the boy eats both sticks. Then they put Derek on the couch, lying down and Dave penetrates him through the anus while Vincent gives him his huge cock through his mouth. Then they have hot, really hot, unhooked sex on these guys so young they know what they want. When the cocks are about to explode, they bring them close to Derek’s mouth, who is still handcuffed, and finish his mouth, his face, and his entire chest.

He is bathed in semen which he tastes in his mouth. So they welcomed the Brotherhood of Games. Keep watching “Brotherhood of Games” with episode 5 called “Treasure Hunt”. And you, are you ready to play again?

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