Danny Bianchi & Ronan Keane – Everybody Wins


Everybody Wins – Danny Bianchi & Ronan Keane

Sweet twin Ronan Keane will soon discover it’s not just a harmless card game with Danny Bianchi involved. Twink Ronan Keane arrives at the session with a deck of huge cards for a game called Snap with a twist. Danny is soon completely naked after the losing player removes an article of clothing. This boy seems to have planned this from the beginning, but his friend doesn’t seem too upset about it. After a quick kiss, the boys forget about the card game. They move on to something much more exciting. Ronan’s interest is piqued by his friend’s puckered eagerness for lots of sucking.

Danny’s hole is ready to slide in with just a little licking. He does so enthusiastically, giving his friend a tasty ride on his back. Danny’s milky mess is the result of Ronan fondling him passionately. This intense release could only lead to his friend spitting out his copious cum. Danny, with his adorable face and pleading mouth, is always ready to receive a generous helping of creamy goo.

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