Damien Grey and Legrand Wolf – Workday Distraction


Workday Distraction – Damien Grey, Legrand Wolf

Dr. Wolf was reading patient charts on his laptop when his phone rang. He picked up the device and saw that he had received a message from his patient and secret lover, Damien. The message said the little guy was stopping by and wondering if the good doctor would mind.

Damien believed in his heart of hearts that he had an addiction, and only Dr. Wolf could help him. If the lusty Latin lover was being perfectly frank, Dr. Wolf’s engorged dick was practically all the boy could think about.

Damien leaned on the doctor’s huge shoulders. At the young man’s careful and casual touch, the diligent doctor emitted a low murmur. He tried to keep a straight face as he worked through patient charts, but the boy’s purring in his ear was irresistible.

Both doctor and patient were naked in no time.

Damien could barely wrap his two little doll-sized hands around the moaning doctor’s daddy meat. Dr. Wolf’s penis rested against Damien’s miniature chest, and was almost the length of the young man’s chest and abdomen.

Damien was, at this point, glistening with sweat and shaking gently. He knew very well what would happen when Dr. Wolf’s next instruction was for the boy to jump into his lap…!

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