Collin Black Fucks Aries Li Like A Savage


Collin Black Fucks Aries Li Like A Savage

Collin Black is back and he’s giving his best performance yet! He and Aries seem to have built even more chemistry and it’s all happening right here in front of their very eyes! Mr. Black takes control quickly, tossing Aries onto the bed and stripping her before teasing her cunt with his mouth and preparing her to take his perfect cock. Before they get there, Aries needs to help our man too! Aries is a total freak and will hang her head out of bed so Collin can fuck her face any way he wants! She lets him do whatever he wants for a while before she takes over and gives him the blowjob he’s been waiting for! Collin enjoys his well-earned treatment for a while, but as we know, he can’t lose control of things for long! Mr. Dom was back in action fast, slamming Aries’ tight pussy against the glass door and putting on a free show for the neighbors! Before long, they’re back in bed for some cowgirl. These two fuck in as many positions as they want, talking dirty and teasing the whole time! If you thought the first scene was a hit, you’ll definitely want to see this.

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