Cole Keller, Apolo Adri – RIDER


We’ve all had that fantasy of the delivery boy arriving and giving us way more than we asked for, today our real-life story unfolds when Apolo Adri is on his way to make a delivery for Cole Keller. Cole has been working and building his muscular body to the status of a competitive bodybuilder. Approaching the competition date, Cole is busy with all the last minute details of the preparations and when Apollo arrives, Cole is in the middle of deciding on the perfect and exact postage handle. A perfect stranger’s opinion is always welcome with your new set of eyes. Apollo is more than happy to lend his eye and opinion on what is most flattering and can’t believe what an incredible delivery this turned out to be. As Cole continues to experiment with different strips of pose, Apollo is presented with an incredible view of that amazing, muscular ass fully naked right in front of him. Cole then asks him to help him oil up, and now the real story begins.

The oil is smeared over each bulging muscle by Apollo, who can’t control the rapidly growing erection in his pants. With all the muscle worship going on, it doesn’t take long before both men are naked and Apollo is on his knees adoring Cole’s throbbing cock. The hungry suction of Apollo’s cock drives his lips up the steel shaft until his lips are pressing against Cole’s big, smooth balls. The guys exchange and Cole demonstrates that it’s not just his bodybuilding skills that he’s mastered, but his cock-sucking skills, as well as his mouth moving up and down the entire length of Apollo’s massive cock.

Apollo was tempted and teased by that hot, muscular ass earlier and now he wants to spread out and eat that amazing, sweet spot in the center of the muscle globs. Unable to resist any longer, Apollo mounts Cole and shoves his raw cock into that slick, muscled hole. Apollo’s cock glows magnificently as he slides in and out of the inviting puckered hole. Cole is turned to all 4 and Apollo increases his fuck, slamming his cock deep and hard into Cole’s ass. One last turn and Cole is crouching and riding Apollo’s pulsing cock. It doesn’t take long before Cole is releasing his creamy load of sperm all over Apollo’s furry abdomen. Cole positions himself to take the thick drops of Apollo’s cum and massage it into his bicep, must be a bodybuilder thing. Now, that’s the kind of delivery we all want to experience.

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