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I have been a sports physiotherapist for 18 years. I will confess; I didn’t find a lot of promising sportsmen around here. That said, a boy named Cole limped into my office last week and I immediately realized he had a lot to offer. He had a sporty build. He was lithe and tall, with powerful legs. But he also had that steely arrogance you only find in decent young players. I think he reminded me a little of myself.

I sat him down on the massage table and immediately got to work. The pain seemed to be in his groin. It’s the kind of thing that’s usually pretty easy to fix, but it always brings a good dose of sensitivity and embarrassment.

I think it’s best not to give it too much importance. The sooner you get your hands on there, the less time they have to think about whether or not their closely guarded masculinity is being compromised!

So I sat at the end of the table, pulled Cole’s leg up, and started poking around to get a sense of what was causing the problem. I immediately deduced that it was nothing serious; just a touch of tension in the muscle, no doubt caused by a failure to warm up properly. A little deep tissue massage would soon do the trick.

Normally, I don’t even think twice about doing this, but for some ungodly reason, I found myself looking at Cole and suddenly turning bright red.

Cole, of course, had a huge package on his jock that I basically couldn’t take my eyes off. I was wondering what it would look like if it got hard. Damn, I even started to wonder what it would be like! And before I had a chance to activate any form of reason, I heard myself telling him I was going to get a general massage and that he needed to undress. He didn’t need to do anything like that, but in the heat of the moment, it was all I could think about!

And then he dropped her panties… And there it was. A big, juicy erection, dripping with pre-cum. I immediately felt the blood rush to my face. I was embarrassed, nervous, excited, excited… He didn’t seem the least bit shaken by it.

I told him to lie on his stomach and covered his ass with a towel. Force of habit, really. I usually do this out of modesty, but that ship was clearly already gone!

I started massaging his back, still trying to dismiss any impure thoughts that were running through my mind, and then I climbed onto the table to work his glutes, trying at all costs to remain professional but feeling more aroused the more I ran my hands over his body. tight and sexy. He groaned a lot too; deep sensual moans that made it very clear I was hitting all the right spots.

Then he turned around, and there he was again; over 8 inches of solid flesh, right in my face, glistening with pre-cum. He had a big grin on his lips like the cat who took the cream, and the cheeky bastard even started pinching his nipples, clearly to get some sort of irritation out of me.

My professional voice kicked in. I told him it was natural to get hard so I started working my hands on his crotch as if what was happening was an everyday occurrence!

And then our eyes kind of met. It was as if a bolt of electricity was passing between us. He gave me that smirk that basically made me want to come, and I smiled back at him in a way that must have told him I wanted him so much, and he just muttered “go ahead…”

So I brought my hand up to his cock and started touching it very gently. Savoring every moment. It should have been so weird, but it felt quite natural. And boy, was he on! These big strands of sticky pre-cum were spurting from the tip of his flesh and I could feel it growing in my hand. It was incredible to be pleasuring another man like that.

So he just looked at me, very casually, and told me to suck. I mean, I wanted to. I just had no idea how it would feel or taste, and if I would do it right. In the end, I kind of took a dip in there and put it in my mouth. My instinct was to get as much as possible.

I was quite surprised at how natural it looked. I thought I was going to throw up instantly, or throw up, or do something humiliating, but it all seemed to be going great. And that handsome boy was grinding his teeth, licking his lips, and making the kind of noises that suggested I was doing fine!

And then he told me he wanted to fuck me. And there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted that too. So before I could say, “I don’t know about that, this is all new to me…” I was stripping off my clothes at high speed, unbelievably scared but desperate to do as he’d ordered.

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