Colby Chambers, Adam Awbride – Meet Adam Awbride


In today’s ColbyKnox update, hottie Adam Awbride drools on Colby Knox’s heavy dick. As he blows, Adam keeps his beautiful eyes on Colby. Heading over is great. It’s even better when a stallion maintains eye contact. “Go all the way,” Colby instructs. “Hold there.” Adam swallows down to the base. After taking a breath, he pays attention to Colby’s balls. “Your mouth is so hot,” says Colby. He wants to eat Adam so that the stallions 69. Adam continues sucking and Colby chews on Adam’s hole. “Flex those cheeks for me,” Colby orders. In perfect weather, Adam’s generous buttocks rise and fall like a piston. He groans when Colby eats him. Adam’s ass must be destroyed and that’s what Colby plans to do. Adam sits on Colby’s bare pole.

“Fuck. You’re big,” Adam whispers. “It’s hitting my prostate. Fuck.” Adam takes his time, trying to get used to Colby’s size. However, Colby takes the wheel. He takes two handfuls from Adam’s ass, fucking him to the balls. “Fuck this hole,” Adam groans. He drops to his knees, arching his back. Colby puts her tool back. As he beats Adam, he leaves handprints on that pale tail. Adam gets on his stomach and the beats get faster “Fuck you are deep”, he cries. That juicy ass makes Colby come. He leaves some inside Adam. The rest covers Adam’s ass and hole.

He turns his back so he can come. Also, Colby still wants to play. The fuck is so intense that Adam’s toes curl. “I’m going to fuck that cum right out of you,” Colby says. And he is a man of his word. Adam’s load lands on his face, chest and stomach, leaving a trail of human milk. “Can I come in your face,” Colby asks. “I have one more.” “Really,” Adam observes in awe. He sucks Colby’s balls while Colby shakes his meat. Colby’s second load lands on Adam’s cheek, lips, and tongue. He wipes all the juice off Colby’s dick. The scene ends with the tired models sprawled across the bed. Cameraman Mickey Knox wants to know if Adam wants a towel. We all need one after this session.

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