Clay, Dallas Ari, Logan Briggs – Developing Skilled Trade


Bringing these two young sex kittens together has been the highlight of my year so far. Both are blatantly in it for the money, but unlike many businesses, they sure as hell work for that dollar! Dallas Ari is a sexy blonde out to please, and Logan Briggs is a shy southern boy who can’t help but get hard when you start playing with his ass. He sucks a mean dick, too. Well, actually they both suck cocks like champions. Once we started the action, they both landed on top of me at the same time, and it was nirvana.

After an amazing double dome, I lined them up next to each other, butts out, so I could enjoy the view – and the taste – of those beautiful young asses. Both were rock hard after a good hoop. Both asses tasted so good I had a hard time deciding which one to fuck first. I chose Logan because he’s tighter. Dallas and I spit roasted Logan for a while, but then I had an idea. Since Logan is tough as a brick when he’s being fucked, I thought we could make a good choo-choo train. It worked really well, and it was hard to say which of these guys liked it best. Dallas certainly made more noise. After a good while of the sandwich, I pulled Logan off of him and shoved my cock into Dallas’ mouth as Logan continued to fuck him. The three of us just fucked, having a great time.

Although I really didn’t want this session to end, I thought the best way to end it would be for Dallas to fill himself with cum at both ends, so I made him suck on Logan while I smacked his hole. He sure is a great actor, because you would think he loved having a dick at both ends. Well, Logan came in his mouth, and almost simultaneously, I came in his ass. I pulled and was still cumming! It was so damn hot. That’s what I call developing skilled trade.

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