Chris Gets Sweaty


Sometimes, even though I’ve seen a guy in action, I find myself looking back at the last episode and asking myself, “Was his dick always this big??”. This is what I caught myself doing with Chris here – we all know he has a nice dick and that dick looks amazing in action but he may have gotten so turned on and so turned on in action here that his dick was bigger and more swollen and tougher than we had seen in quite some time.

Surely that charge he shoots at the end of this one would suggest he was as excited and aroused as he could be. And certainly when he licks his own load off his partner’s chest, it suggests that he was so aroused that he was irritated even after he came.

Either way, as horny as Chris was throughout this one and as hot as the action is from start to finish, it made for an intense fuck session that’s a delight to watch.


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