Chris Craves Dallen


Chris Craves Dallen

We’re all loving every bit of watching Dallen take on the face/face action so eagerly and clearly loving it all. Eli broke Dallen into heads/heads action (after Dallen’s first taste of a bi-Coeds threesome!), Tyler sealed the deal with Dallen about heads/heads action being hot as hell, and now Dallen is starting to try someone else. I’m sure we all wish for a good time: Chris!

You just know there’s no way Dallen is going to walk away from this session with Chris completely satisfied and desperate for another chance with him. Chris has that kind of power! Chris is as hot as it gets, obviously loves to be fucked and is one of the hottest young studs we’ve ever had through the CF door and his enthusiasm for everything that happens here invariably rubs off on his scene partners.

But how about the rest of us enjoy watching Chris take a ride on Dallen’s big dick?!

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