Chad Taylor & Jake Alexander – Edge


Chad Taylor is BACK after appearing in multiple scenes throughout 2020 and 2021. This time, we brought him in for an EDGE scene with the new guy Jake Alexander!

We find Chad sitting comfortably in a chair when Jake enters the room, asking Chad if he’s ready. Chad seems a little hesitant – what you don’t know is that, off-camera and before filming began, Chad expressed that he wasn’t sure how long he could last in this kind of situation.

There’s a certain level of excitement that goes along with filming an Edge scene, and even the straightest guys seem to really enjoy the idea of ​​being able to sit back, relax, and retreat entirely to your own fantasy world while being served by an experienced cocksucker. . No guy has left the Edge chair without doing a hard load, and they’re usually genuinely surprised at how much fun they had.

Jake blindfolds Chad and secures his arms to the chair before making his way to Chad’s cock. As Jake pulls Chad’s cock through his fly, we can tell how aroused Chad is already.

Jake takes off Chad’s underwear and gets to work. Jake really is an experienced sucker, varying his technique and really putting Chad into it. It doesn’t take long for Chad to be squirming and shaking with excitement, giving Jake some verbal hints that he’s already close to losing his mind. Jake gets up and moves behind Chad in his chair, rubbing and massaging Chad as he brings Chad down over the edge. But when Jake goes back to fondling and sucking Chad’s cock, it’s clear that Chad is basically on edge throughout the entire shoot.

Jake switches his attention between different areas of Chad’s furry body, giving Chad only a few moments of deep throat and stroking at a time to ensure Chad stays on edge for as long as possible.

Finally, we had to give Chad an off-camera break. We should have left the camera on – he exclaims that he basically feels like he’s coming all the time and, blindfolded, is surprised to find that he hasn’t lost his mind yet.

Jake sucks and strokes Chad’s cock until he’s squirming in his chair as he busts a thick load all over Jake’s face. Jake takes the last few shots into his mouth, then teases Chad’s sensitive cock before standing up, removing Chad’s blindfold, giving Chad a sloppy kiss, then walking out of the room, leaving Chad firmly pinned to the chair.

Let us know if you want to see more of Chad.

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