Cain Marko & Cole Blue – Getting Pumped


Getting Pumped – Cain Marko, Cole Blue

It’s been a few weeks since my last training session with Coach Marko. But when he called me to work on a new exercise, I knew I had to clear my schedule for him.

I spent many nights in bed jerking off to the memory of when we last had sex. It was after our gym session; I think that day we were sweating more during the flip-fuck than during training.

Coach Marko informed me that we were going to do a new type of training focused on just one muscle in the body. As I approached our private training space, I couldn’t help but wonder which muscle he was paying special attention to – and whether it was a metaphor or not.

After all, the last time I talked to the coach, I mentioned that the boys and I got together in the locker room and ended up kicking ass. Naturally, we compare penis sizes. We even compared how low our balls hung, before dropping our heavy loads on the locker room shower floor. While it was a positive experience, it left me wondering if my dick was enough. Am I thick enough for our trainers? Am I able to get hard enough to pump our trainers for pleasure? That’s why, when Coach Marko called me, I took the opportunity to mentor him.

Coach and I sat down and I told him what I’ve been thinking lately. He was understanding and quick to give positive feedback, saying my dick is perfect. I was hesitant to believe it – I’d seen the other boys – but his tone was genuine enough that I started to believe him. I think that pep talk gave me confidence back.

He asked me if I wanted to try something. He pulled out a device that I had only seen in porn videos I masturbated late at night – a penis pump! I smiled and immediately agreed as I followed his instructions. I took off my shorts and presented my already hardened cock for him to try his new device.

My cock was so hard just looking at the trainer that it was barely able to fit in the pump. As the device lowered onto my cock, I could feel the blood rushing from my body to the base and finally to the head of the penis, where a spark of precum formed. I’ve never felt so hard before, my cock throbbed so badly I thought the cock pump would explode if he pumped any more air in. Blood rushed from my brain to my cock and now my only instinct was to get into my trainer’s hole.

After he removed the bomb I felt like I had the biggest dick on the team. And it hurt – Coach Marko was going to take the hardest hit of his life. When the big, muscular trainer got up and pulled on his underwear, all I could do was stare and ogle that hole of his.

It was tight. I filled every inch of his hole. I worried for a second that my cock was going to rip him in two, frankly. His face contorted with pleasure and pain as I pumped into him with no thought, just pure carnal instinct. My head was in a haze as I thrust into my trainer, pumping and pumping until the cum swirling in me could no longer be contained. I needed release. Now.

I pulled out and threw myself onto his furry chest, blowing my load past his stomach in thick ropes. I used the rest of my cum to stroke my cock like it was lubricant and thrust back into him. I fucked him deeper, savoring each pump. I was so stunned I think I even put another load in his hole, but I could barely keep up. What I do remember is that when I got out of it, I had no more qualms about the size of my dick. Honestly, I think my dick is going to be just as hard until our next session together… and if not, maybe we can just pump it up again.

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