Brock Fisher – Sneaks Away To Rub One Out


Brock Fisher Sneaks Away To Rub One Out

Everyone knows the struggles of living with other people. Brock Fisher is stuck with the worst case scenario: sharing a bedroom AND a bathroom! Brock is trying to get just a few minutes alone to rub one off and relieve some of the stress, but he can’t. Finally, an idea pops into Brock’s head – offer to do the laundry! certainly no one will come to see how he is doing his chores. So Brock runs away and takes one last look before closing the door, feeling his cock go hard with him. He can’t even fold a towel before putting his dick in his hand, working towards the release he’s been aching for! Brock keeps his phone close in case anyone checks but struggles to keep it down, the feeling of his oncoming orgasm is already proving too much for him! Will Brock do it or get caught?!

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