Bob Knight and Milo Miles – Taking A Break


Taking A Break – Bob Knight, Milo Miles

After Milo Miles found a great job working as a gardener for successful landscaper Mr. Knight, the brave new hire really wanted to make a good impression. And so far, so good! Knight was notably impressed with Milo’s consistent punctuality and excellent work ethic. Out of turn, however, the hunky landscaper was also impressed by the tiny young Latino’s ability to take his entire cock!

Needless to say, Mr. Knight couldn’t be happier with his new co-worker. And something about Milo that really pleased him was the little ways the cutie liked to surprise him.

Although work was always busy with customer service and a seemingly endless barrage of business needs, Mr. Knight still managed to find time each workday to take a break. There was a clubhouse of sorts that Mr. Knight’s uncle built next to the landscaping office. Inside were several amenities, including a cappuccino machine, a series of very comfortable chairs, and a large sofa.

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