Beau Butler, Colby Melvin & Xavier – Power Play


Businessman Beau Butler has strict orders from his boss to ensure that suit studs Colby Melvin and Xavier leave the office satisfied. After ushering the two into an adjoining room, Beau kneels down, unzips it, and is left with a mouthful of both men. Colby contours Beau’s hairy cheeks and Beau sucks the muscular man Xavier before Colby jumps on the bed into Beau’s hole without a saddle. Knowing Beau can handle more, both associates team up to double-penetrate the muscular businessman. The two then take turns using Beau’s furry hole until Xavier is shooting all over his face, Colby is busting his ass, and Beau is covering his stomach with his own thick walnut.

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