Asher Richards & Reese Rideout – Taking a Break


Taking a Break – Asher Richards & Reese Rideout

Asher was washing the dishes and being a good son when his father walked into the kitchen. Mr. Richards, who knew how important it was for the boy to do his chores, couldn’t resist interrupting him. He walked in and started running his hands over Asher’s body. Ever since he popped his son’s cherry, Mr. Richards hasn’t been shy about being affectionate with Asher.
Asher shook with excitement as his handsome, muscular father touched him. Asher was able to finish the dishes later as Mr. Richards’ order was clear. He turned to obey his father’s obvious signals. They sealed their lips. Mr. Richards rubbed the fabric of Asher’s pants with his hands, feeling the heat radiating beneath.

Mr. Richards let his son’s pants fall to the floor as their tongues danced. He made Asher present his wet, hungry mound on the kitchen counter. He didn’t hesitate as he jumped in face first to taste his son and the warm juices dripping from him. Asher’s father was a master at using his tongue to flick, stroke and lick the boy’s cock. He had a lot of practice.

Asher, being the generous son that he was, wanted to return the favor. He jumped off the island as Mr. Richards’ pants fell down and his hard cock sprang out to be swallowed by the boy. Asher looked up with his mouth full of daddy’s cock and closed his eyes as he worked on the pole. Was the boy going to taste every inch of his father’s swollen flesh: licking, sucking, licking the swollen balls? They were all in love with it.

Mr. Richards had his son get up and lean over the kitchen island. He let his cock slide straight into his son’s wet, hungry, inviting FTM hole. Asher moaned as he felt his father fill him with every inch of his opening. Mr. Richards began to pump and growl softly as his son moaned.

Mr. Richards was transfixed as he watched his son impale himself on his father’s rigid cock. Asher slid his cock in and out with ease and taste. Mr. Richards retrieved the reins, lifted one of Asher’s legs and pumped in and out, all while planting an intense kiss. He changed again by sitting in a chair and guiding his son to climb atop his sword.

Mr. Richards saved his best position for last. The older man still didn’t want to come, so he made his son climb back onto the kitchen island. He then positioned it at the end. He re-entered the boy’s hole and started pumping again. He could see the heavenly look on his son’s face as he slipped into the hole. They both grunted and moaned together. Mr. Richards stroked Asher’s swollen cock, which woke the boy. Asher begged his father to make sure he got into it. Mr. Richards assured him that he did. As he spoke, his son’s pleas for his seed drove him over the edge. He squeezed his balls and blew another load into his starving son’s hole.

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