Asher Richards & Reese Rideout – Special First Time


Special First Time – Asher Richards & Reese Rideout

It took me a while to get home. I was surprised when my dad waited for me on the couch.
My dad is what most people would describe as ‘classically handsome’. Even with a stern expression. He has a great physique and a great face. He has huge arms and a very muscular body. I would be lying if he said I didn’t find him extremely hot. He was my first impression of manhood. He was the man I imagined men to be.

It’s pretty normal for guys my age to lust and rage all day long. At home, however, being with Dad made the urge even stronger. His light gray polo was very well fitted as it hugged his chest and biceps. His tight jeans were molded to him and threatened to rip if he flexed them.

He asked me to sit next to him, and I apologized when I did. He abruptly asked me if I had sex. He said my first experience should be safe, special and with someone I like and trust. I don’t know what he gave me to respond with “So how are you?” ?

He looked a little perplexed, but to my surprise, he simply replied? This is what you want? I tried to be a little coy and replied, ‘Maybe’. When he placed his hand on my shoulders, my heart nearly skipped a beat. I was a little more confident and rested my hand on his massive thigh as I moved towards him.

Dad rubbed his hands on me and I squeezed his biceps. Our faces got closer to each other. I felt heat rising between my legs. He must have been as excited as I was, because I felt his hand pull my face away from the back of my neck to kiss me. The floodgates opened.

We danced our lips over each other for a long time. We kiss like we’ve been together for a long time. And I suppose we were. Dad asked me to get up and take off my pants. He didn’t hesitate when I sat up again to place his lips on mine and let his left hand slip between my legs. He stuffed it in my underwear this time. I could tell he liked it as he felt the heat and wetness of his trans son, knowing he was responsible for it. He let his fingertips probe everything around me and inside me. He took off my panties and continued to massage the bonus hole.

He sucked into his mouth, which reduced my voice to moans. He groaned as he tasted me too. Knowing that my taste made him feel that way made me feel special. I told him I wanted to see his naked body, and he happily got up and took off his jeans. In the short time his underwear remained on him, his hard cock could be seen through it. I couldn’t believe I was about to see my dad’s dick… and possibly host it inside me! He let go and I put it in my mouth. He was encouraging and supportive the entire time I sucked. He guided my head along its length and gave me feedback as I worked on it.

After a few minutes Dad asked me if I was ready and told me to lie down. My body shook as he brought his cock to my hungry opening. He slowly inserted the head, then slid in the rest of the body. Was happening! He slid his head all the way back into my T-dick and then pulled it out again. He started pumping me in and out. I could feel the pulse in my cramped quarters.

Soon we were spooning and Dad was making love to me from behind. We set a pace. My juices were flowing like a river and Dad told me I was getting close. He kissed her, his moans becoming louder as he pushed himself to the limit. He breathed into me and filled me with his seed. His thrusts slowed as he let me absorb the last drops of orgasm.

You know, I’m glad that dad has always been a practical teacher.

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