Antu Burghos, Vincent Landi & Gary Newt – Hot Coffee & Columbia Part Six: Looking for Plaza Bolivar


In Plaza Bolívar, Colombia, South America, boys meet to have fun and have sex. These hot young Latinos really want to fuck, so they organize a foursome in one of their apartments. Antu and Vincent wait for the two guys, they meet and go straight to get naked. Their bodies are slender and hairless, with huge penises that quickly get super hard. Colombian boys are very hot. They kiss with emotion, touch each other’s bodies until they are completely naked.

The four look at each other and the horny increases, they masturbate, suck their penis and immediately start stimulating their big and voluptuous asses, which look like giant ripe peaches, with a lot of Latin flesh. The actives caress and rub their penises preparing their anus to be penetrated. Passive guys are totally dedicated, eager to feel those huge cocks inside their bodies.

The penetrating sex happens with great pleasure, the boys move like sexual beasts, reclining on the sofa, in an orgy of pleasure. The loads of semen come out with great force and land on the asses of their buttocks, filling them with a thick white liquid that makes them want to moan in satisfaction. With this stimulus, they take the opportunity to release their own load, with the help of a few kisses and caresses from their active partners.

These guys know how to party! The next chapter will be the last, a tremendous trio called “Colombian Fieryness”. You have to watch.

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