Antu Burghos, Cesar Rose, Fabrice Rossi, Felix Harris, Giorgio Angelo, Lance Mayer & Vincent Landi – Breeding The New Boy Part 2


The greedy boy Antu has spent a lot of time sucking and stroking all the cocks that come in to enjoy his hot, wet mouth, but this boy needs those cocks in his hot little hole even more than in his mouth. With his first taste of milky goo from one of his friends, he’s thirsty for more, and the boys are ready to deliver. The incredible parade of cocks arrive one after the other, each one sliding inside her ass, taking turns smacking her hot little ass while her mouth works overtime on every other dong that comes close enough to be sucked. The greedy twink is insatiable as young throbbing erections slam into his hole, creaming his ass, their hot juices being fucked deep inside him. They don’t need any lube, not with all their friends squirting cum all over the hole for the next big cock to use. By the time his own load is squirting from his uncut cock, his hole is drenched in fresh semen, but he’ll be thirsty even more soon.

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