Anonbttmmia – Adventure #76 – Role Play With Imanol Brown ‘s Straight Dick


Today I’m sending you the scenes with straight stud @imanolbrown .. such a sexy guy with delicious tatts and body but straight as an arrow lol

Best thing about having you guys as fans is that straight guys give me dick for exposure…. so thank you

Since this guy is straight I told him we will do whatever he is comfortable with.. no pressure.. so it was his place, his show.. not the typical style I shoot but I think it’s still hot

You get in this msg two vids:

1. Me sucking his dick (like in the picture attached) 4 min long
2. ROLEPLAY Vid of him walking on me sleeping then force fuck me. 5 min long

Let me know what you think of this style, and if you like it prefer I stick to my style of filming

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