Anonbttmmia – Adventure #73 – Ass Destruction By Miguel Rey (reyxxl) Onlyfans


I have been following @reyxxl for a while and really enjoyed watching him destroy asses left and right, but I was too scared to meeet him cause I thought he is too dominant

One weekend I met him in a circuit party in Miami, he looked so hot so I stepped my pussy up and decided to go talk to him.. we dancing And made out all night and I couldn’t take my hand off of his 10” dick that stayed Rock hard ALL NIGHT

I LOVEEEEE dancing with hot a guy in a party, making out, while my hand is in his pants playing with his massive penis.

In the morning after the party ended and after all that making out and playing with his dick and smelling his musky balls off of my fingers, my hole was sooooo ready for him to destroy it… and he sure did

He fucked me all morning, in every way he wanted until he came inside me And I couldn’t say a word or tap out.

But at the end it was all worth it cause he told me I was in the best top 3 bottoms he ever fucked

part two with excellent POV angles, 38 min of more fucking And big messy cream pie  at the end

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