Angelo Marconi & Adrian Long – I Want You


I Want You – Angelo Marconi & Adrian Long

Adrian Long and Angelo Marconi are happily having a picnic in the warm afternoon, feeding each other some juicy grapes and then feeding each other eagerly. They take off their shirts as they continue with lips locked in desire. They continue and slide out of their pants to finally release their swollen cocks. The manipulation begins and Angelo eagerly feasts on his lover’s salami. The taut muscles of Adrian’s pectorals and his taut, relaxed abdomen register the euphoria he’s feeling as he fucks face to face with his handsome mate. Adrian attacks Angelo’s ass, skirting the puckered hole and deftly thrusting his fingers and thumb deep inside. Ready for more, Angelo mounts Adrian and impales himself on his heavy meat rod. They fuck, both moaning in pleasure as Adrian pumps in and out nonstop. They continue screwing each other doggy style and then with Angelo on his back, working faster and faster until neither of them can stop themselves and they both explode their packs.

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