Angel Crush, Felipe Rivero – Felipe Plows Angel’s Smooth Hole


Angel Crush and Felipe Rivero are damn Latinos hailing from Mexico City, kissing and getting to know each other’s big blunt tools. Felipe places his hand on the back of Angel’s head to pull him further down on his big, juicy cock. Spit drips down Angel’s mouth as he gasps to catch his breath, while Felipe sticks a finger into the cleft of Angel’s smooth, hungry ass. He crouches back to taste the musky sweet hole, and Angel shakes his ass in the sexy man’s face. Lubricated and opened from the rim, Angel’s hole is ready for Felipe’s deep thrusts as he plows bareback.

Angel gets on all fours while Felipe punches from above. Accelerating, these two are heating to a rapid boil. Felipe pulls out, lets a stream of hot pre-cum trickle down Angel’s smooth slit before he goes back for the last deep thrusts of the balls. Angel hits his cock and Felipe’s pole swells into shooting position. He grabs Angel’s spread thighs and squirts his cum deep inside.

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