Andy & Andy


Andy & Andy

Easygoing, sexy, laid-back Andy is back for more! In fact, he expects to fuck and be fucked on the same day. Something new to add to his sexual experience. Since he’s kind of new to all this, he reached out to Caruso to see if he could help him. Caruso was more than happy to help and he had just the perfect guy in mind…another Andy!

Andy #2 came to the studio because he loves to fuck, so he figured he’d see what it’s like to get paid to get laid! Andy is single but very open minded! He’s had 3 ways, he’s had girls play with his ass, and he likes to get caught! He’s a sex freak!

Before Caruso brings the girl, Crystal, he needs to make sure the two of them can get hard and get hard. However, this didn’t seem to be a problem as both Andys were hard before they even had a chance to take their clothes off! Caruso had them turn around and show their asses before leaving to get Crystal. When he returns, he has to break the bad news that Crystal won’t show up today. Without her, they cannot continue the scene. But, if both guys were willing to have sex with each other, not only could he go ahead with the scene, he could also pay both Andys double the original amount. It took a while before both guys were all-in, but once they were, it was fireworks!

Check out the Andys and watch these studs take turns to fuck.


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