Aiden Garcia, Seth Peterson, Silas Brooks – Tech Support Part Two


There’s only one thing to do in Aiden Garcia, and Seth Peterson’s scavenger hunt list, have a threesome with a random guy! They heard about the hottie who works in tech support. So they hatch a plan to win over sexy Silas Brooks and fix his “slow computer”. When Brooks arrives, there is a plethora of pornography on screen; and, our boy just smiles sensually. Once he’s done with the computer, the dick-hungry couple gets clean; and, Brooks is all about it! They push Silas onto the bed and descend, enrapturing him with wet kisses and a sexy naked.

Guys give us all the carnal cock sucking combinations at their best. There’s even a double bet that happens with pretty boy Peterson putting his throat to the test. In the midst of the magnificent munching of meat, we’re treated to an epic meal, before Brooks makes both boys bow. He coaxes the hot couple well, before Aiden takes over, and the guys spit out their tight-bodied tech support.

Then Seth dips his delicious cock into his guy’s backseat, before climbing on top of both boys’ muscled bones for a tight ride. The climax of this master class is when Peterson gets doubly stuffed, and takes it like the porn superstar that he is! The giant jocks tucked into their tight ass work Seth’s seed forward; and, he busts a massive load all over Aiden. Then Garcia’s groin explodes like a geyser, coating Peterson’s perfect ass in fresh cream.

Silas absorbs the lewd sight and pushes his jock until he spits his juice right into Peterson’s cute little pink pout. Absolute porn perfection.

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