Actor Jesse Williams – full frontal nude during bathing scene in Broadway play


Jesse Williams, famous for playing Doctor Jackson Avery in the series “Greys Anatomy”, caused an uproar on social media on Monday night (09/05) after appearing naked during the play “Take Me Out”, on Broadway. Images leaked on social media show the actor completely naked on stage, in a bathing scene.

In the play, he plays the character Darren Lemming, a very famous baseball player, who faces ups and downs both people and professionals after coming out as gay at the height of his career. In addition to dealing with attacks from his teammates, he is forced to overcome the challenges of being a gay, black man on American soil. Already in the images, Williams is naked taking a shower on stage and addresses another actor, also naked. He hugs him from behind and then kisses him.

In an interview with Page Six, he said he was “terrified” by the idea of ​​appearing on stage naked. In “Take Me Out,” Williams and most of the cast are naked during the shower scene. “I realized that’s what I asked God for. I asked God to be terrified, to do something that would scare me and challenge me, and make me feel alive, that would take me out of my comfort zone,” the actor said. See below if you are over 18 and wanted to check out the actor’s anatomy.

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