Tesão Proibido 3 – Episodio Final


Tesão Proibido 3 – Episodio Final

In this final episode of the TESÃO PROIBIDO miniseries, DH Zayd reveals his most hidden desires, after discovering the secret of his boss, who already had a boner. The plot begins when DH Zayd looks for Marcelo’s son, blackmailing him and revealing to Heitor’s face that he would like to be part of the whoring with them. In the course of the story, DH Zayd ends up acting like a villain, putting himself in the middle of a delicate situation, where Marcelo arrives enraged, just when the weather was very hot between him and Heitor. Marcelo, who is a serious and intelligent man, picks up his employee just to fuck his ass, but a surprise ends up being revealed when Marcelo fucks Zayd’s ass. To find out what happens at the end of this breathtaking plot.


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