Serg Shepard & Matthew Figata – The Interview


The Interview – Serg Shepard, Matthew Figata

Something has changed in me since joining the Order. I don’t have enough words to say exactly what I want to say, but I think that under their supervision I started to feel a little more like a man.

It helps that we have to dress formally here. I don’t leave my room these days without a shirt and tie. It makes me feel so grown up! I love the way the pants cling to my legs. I enjoy the soft kiss of the cotton shirt on my torso and the way the dart at the end of my silk tie sometimes grazes the back of my hand.

I find myself looking at the other guys in the compound, wondering if they’re having similar thoughts. I am drawn to the Masters in particular because they are always so spectacularly finished. They always smell great too; I love passing them in the hall and letting myself be enveloped in the cloud of expensive perfume that always follows in their wake.

When I was told that my interview would be with Mestre Figata, I felt a rush of adrenaline. Last week, he gave a speech to new apprentices that I found to be transformative. I just stared at him, marveling at his pearls of wisdom as I allowed his deep, resonant voice to massage my ears.

I entered the interrogation room and Mestre Figata told me to sit next to him. I couldn’t take my eyes off him; up close, he was even more attractive. All kinds of crazy and inappropriate thoughts were running through my head. However, there was something about the way he was looking at me that told me my thoughts were fine.

He instructed me to stand up and remove my tie, shirt and pants. For some reason, it seemed like the most natural request in the world, so I did as I was told, never once thinking to question why. He watched me intently as I undressed. My cock rose immediately. I knew I would look like crazy in my clothes, but I figured there was nothing I could do to cover it up.

He sat me down again, took my arms and then tied them behind the chair. Again, there could be no other circumstance in the world where this felt anything other than terrifying, but when I felt his massive fingers brush against me, my wrists gave way to the knot. My cock throbbed.


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