Manuel Reyes and Zac Johnson – Strong Suit


Manuel Reyes and Zac Johnson – Strong Suit

Beau Butler and Drew Valentino know exactly how to strike a balance between business and pleasure, especially in this hot and furry collaboration between Raging Stallion Studios and MENatPLAY titled “Strong Suit.”

When Beau and Drew visit sunny southern Spain for an interview for the same show on Pinstripe Realty Worldwide. It’s every man for himself as they fight their way through a hierarchy of hiring managers, including European stud Pol Prince, highest paid real estate agent Manuel Reyes and hottie Allen King.

Mix in real estate hunk Zac Johnson and a group of executives including Sir Peter, Dani Robles, Babylon Prince and Zac, and you’ll have an insider’s view of all the market openings!

Scene 2: Highest paid real estate agent Manuel Reyes is about to close a big deal with Zac Johnson, but not before wrapping his lips around the mogul’s huge cock. While inside the empty kitchen of one of Manuel’s properties, a fully clothed Zac lies down as Manuel bobs up and down his thick cock that is slipping out of the fly of his pants.

Zac returns the favor by giving the realtor a blow job and leaning over a nearby counter to be hit with Manuel’s bare pole. Zac’s hard, heavy pig hangs between his legs as Manuel holds the real estate mogul’s tie and pounds him from behind with his big dick.

Not wanting Zac to make a mess all over his property, Manuel uses his pocket square to catch the storm of nuts coming from Zac’s Johnson. With the cum-soaked fabric now in Zac’s mouth, Manuel pulls out to end the business meeting by blowing his load all over Zac’s thigh-high socks.

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