Johnny V & Derek Atlas – Americas Finest


Americas Finest – Johnny V & Derek Atlas

On their knees, facing each other, Johnny V and Derek Atlas butt heads like bull horns. Each man gropes the muscular body that confronts him. Derek’s chest heaves; Johnny’s abdomen ripples. They close their lips and the bulging pouches of their athletic straps swell. Derek’s face slides down Johnny’s pecs, down the midline of his torso, and stops at his cock. Derek sucks and strokes Johnny’s huge tool. His saliva runs down the shaft of Johnny’s penis and Johnny’s sweat runs down his godlike physique. Derek’s free hand squeezes Johnny’s ass and probes his crack, and Johnny responds by escalating the blowjob to a pulsing face fuck. Squeezing Derek’s balls in his fist, Johnny spins around, gives Derek’s cock a quick taste, then lowers his hole into it. The room echoes with the sound of flesh against flesh and voices raised in primal urgency. Derek’s cock probes the deep center of Johnny’s hard ass as they maneuver from position to position until their loads are ejected and cover Johnny’s pecs. He tastes it and Derek licks it out of his mouth.

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