Jaxson Briggs, Will Tile & Adreena Winters – Cuck old Sessions


CuckoldSessions – Jaxson Briggs, Will Tile & Adreena Winters

Adreena and her man have a special relationship. He takes care of her and the house, so he gets what he wants. He doesn’t and Adreena locks him in chastity. Today is one of the days he decides to misbehave. Adreena locks him up to help curb this behavior. Later that day, two of her friends come to watch the game and end up discovering the marital arrangement. Adreena at first just humiliates her man. Telling her friends how weak her dick is and how she could never see them doing that kind of thing. They agree and this piques Adreena’s interest. She asks them to drop trow so she can see their huge black dicks. Excited partly by humiliating her husband and partly by the thought of being fucked by two big cocks, Adreena gets to her knees and inhales the flesh of both men.

Adreena takes the sticks deep in her throat, only letting them out to hurl insults at her now-idiot husband. Eventually she starts to put the dicks deep inside her wet and eager pussy. She takes them slow and deep at first, but moves to hard and fast once things start. Her man watches and she pities him, letting him out of his cage and tells him to masturbate. Soon the trio escalates and her man gets a front row seat to all the action as the cum gets in her face. Adreena likes it so much that she has an idea. She tells the two studs to make creampie in her hot tight cunt so she can make her man eat her. The gentleman complied and placed two hot, sticky loads in her wet cave. Satisfied to have emptied his balls, Adreena orders her cuckold to come and lick up the remains the entire time, sitting in post-coital bliss.

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