Jared Shaw & Will Kade – Kiss My Abs


Kiss My Abs – Jared Shaw & Will Kade

Jared Shaw, a fit young man, is horny and just needs to get another man’s attention. Before you know it, some awesome BoyFun will be happening. Will Kade is a handsome young man. There’s no doubt about it. So when he catches your eye and receives an invitation to his apartment, the young visitor doesn’t hesitate. Would you decline such an invitation? You can’t say no! The two meet at Jared’s apartment. There’s little to say, and after a few minutes of groping and making out, the two are in bed, taking off their clothes. Will is most attracted to Jared’s uncut cock, despite his incredible abs and bulging pectorals.

Will is always sucking and licking and sucking that big tan dick. He also likes to fuck dude. This boy knows how to get a good suck. It soon becomes clear why he is used to giving such a big, meaty tool. Your own pale pink cock is quite big and handsome Jared will be more than happy to give you some oral. Both get a lot of head and suck the sowie out of their new friend. Will is determined to prove that he, too, can get laid. Jared, the superior jock, beats him to his knees with his ass for fill. The big bareback cock sticks in his hole and the young man moves in and out with precision.

Will loves to ride the cock, stroke his own genitals and then take him fast and hard from behind. Jared doesn’t hesitate to attack Will. The bottom boy moans and moans as semen starts to squirt from his red tip. Jared has now emptied his cock and is splashing hot semen on the boy’s face. I have a feeling this isn’t the last time Will will pay the handsome young man an unexpected visit.

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