Hungover – Landon Conrad, Parker London, Connor Maguire, Jimmy Durano & Spencer Fox

Landon Conrad and Spencer Fox are looking forward to partying before their friend, Chris Tyler, goes on another mission. No one is safe with all the testosterone and bravado bouncing off the walls. As Dylan takes his first bite of the buffet’s delicious slices of meat, Chris follows and swallows Spencer’s cock. Landon London (the pizza man) and Parker London (the pizzeria guy) are busy exchanging large salamis. When Dylan adds Connor’s penis to his happy dinner, the man’s action is non-stop. All men can enjoy much more man-to-man action from their own smorgasbord. Parker London and Chris Tyler are ready to have sex with Spencer Fox, Connor Maguire and Dylan Hauser. Dylan Hauser does double duty and gets fucked by Jimmy Durano and Landon Conrad in his hole. You can gauge all the mocking feelings men are feeling by their groans and moans. It’s nicer the higher it gets. Their shared hedonism is limitless, and things can get really crazy when Dylan and Chris are in a gang. To ensure that Chris gets a proper send-off, his friends give him sperm shots.

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