Finn August and Roman Todd


Finn August Submissive Foot Worship With Roman Todd

Finn August is a foot and butt fetishist VERY happy and proud because he can be totally dominated by hot Roman Todd! Finn is in heaven when Roman’s natural gift manipulates him and orders him to suck his cock, and after his mouth and throat are stuffed, Finn obeys Roman by displaying his soon-to-be-possessed hole.

Turned on by Finn’s subservience, Roman enjoys eating out and working up his ass and fucking it like it’s all his – including planting his foot in Finn’s face. Finn is also an eager dom-pleasant, fucking himself on Roman’s cock and letting Roman use him before sitting on his cock and riding him. Finn is on top but is still under Roman’s control.

As he takes charge, Roman makes Finn’s dreams a reality. He grabs him by the throat and offers his sweaty pits for Finn to enjoy, and later, as he drags him backwards, Roman uses his foot to choke. Ultimately, their dom-sub dynamic culminates in mutual satisfaction and sheer, “mister” Roman fucks Finn a lot, then cums and sires his grateful child.

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