Dominic Pacifico & Johnny Moon


Test Shoots – Come Back to Bed – Dominic Pacifico, Johnny Moon

While Domenic and Johnny appear to be in a normal, happy relationship, there is clearly something more. Domenic tells Johnny that he needs more satisfaction from his sex life, but he is tired and Domenic tries to make him feel better. Johnny wakes up that night to go to the bathroom, but something is wrong. His room is gone and his room is in a dungeon. Domenic, her sweet comforting companion, is now her sadistic tormentor. Domenic ties Johnny up with rope and then proceeds to punish him with various corporal punishments while teasing and making him want more. Johnny is then brutally fucked, while receiving more corporal punishment. Domenic then turns his attention to Johnny’s sexy little belly, giving him the grill he so desperately needs. Johnny opens up and accepts all of Domenic’s hot cum. Domenic is not done with his filthy little shere. He continues to fuck Johnny’s throat while Johnny strokes himself until he comes all over. Johnny suddenly wakes up in bed next to Domenic. Was it a dream or a nightmare?

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