Derek Kage Fucks The Cum Out Of Hazel Hoffman


Derek Kage Fucks The Cum Out Of Hazel Hoffman

Derek Kage and Hazel Hoffman raise the bar with intensely sensual and vivid verbal foreplay, even before they get naked! Thankfully, they maintain that intensity while pulling off the steamy date their sex talk promises. Hazel is all about pleasing Derek, adoring his body and happily serving his uncut cock.

Derek soon commands Hazel to strip and show her nice ass and when Hazel shows her hole Derek’s lust drives him crazy. He eats Hazel’s hole and the cock teases him before he finally fucks him and takes it upon himself to punch him. And, Hazel soon pleases Derek even more by fucking herself on his cock.

In turn, Derek sucks and hits Hazel before going back to fucking him all over the bed until he has him on his back. Asserting himself with a little manipulation, Derek finally fucks a load of Hazel and after feeding her, he shoots too, saving some of her load to raise him. At the end of this memorable date, you will see how happy and satisfied these two are.

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