Andy Reyes & Antony Carter – Teammate Time


Teammate Time – Andy Reyes, Antony Carter

Don’t you remember when you and your friend were playing together and you accidentally rubbed your hand on his dick? Do you remember the emotion that ran through your body as you waited to see how they would react? But when he smiled and looked at you, you smiled back and knew your wildest fantasy was about to come true. Let Tae Xoxo, Col Raider, Ollie Barn, Josh Cavalin, Antony Carter, Jean Gilliam, Andy Reyes and Roman Capellini take you back in time. From gentle kisses, they progress to getting to know each other more. But it’s hard to do anything but suck a nice piece of cock when it’s in your face. And so what do you do as the one being sucked in? You stand behind your friend and give his ass a good taste as he groans for your cock to fill it and use it for the pleasure hole it is.

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