Alex Marte & Pablo Nunez – Booty Text, Remastered


Booty Text, Remastered – Alex Marte, Pablo Nunez

This is a remastered version of the Menatplay movie “Booty Text”, originally released 12 years ago with Alex Marte and Pablo Nunez.


When you’re the new meat in the Menatplay office, everyone is trying to get in your pants! Unfortunately for his colleagues, Pablo Nunez resisted all temptations; so far that’s it.

When Pablo starts getting suggestive text messages from his co-worker Alex Marte, he can’t help but get in on the game. As the texts become more explicit, the bulge in Pablo’s suit pants gets bigger and bigger, and he dares to remove it in the office.

When Pablo does, Alex no longer needs permission to take the stud out of his suit and give him a nice office and hit the suit.

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